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Murph is next week!

Yo! We're gonna have two options for y'all! 8:00am at Turn It Loose for the morning crews, and then the 4:00pm option will be at Lynnwood with a BBQ to follow about 4:45pm-ish as people finish up. You're welcome to any and all options, come at 8:00am for the workout,...

Mid-May!? Fun time having flies, so the frog sayeth

Workouts: Monday: Deadlift for Max Tuesday: Max Rounds in 10 Minutes of: 3 Bar Muscle-Ups, 3 Box Jumps 30/24, 3 HSPU Hands on 45lb Plates Wednesday: Nakba Day: For Time: 974m Row, 5 Rounds of: 15 HSQCL 75/55, 31 Ab Mat Sit-ups, 70 Dubs, 974m Row to Finish Thursday:...

Happy belated Cinco de Mayo!

Did you guys celebrate May 4th? Like May the Fourth be with you? Too nerdy? Workouts: Monday: Bull: LCF as Rx'd For Time of 200 Double-Unders, 50 Overhead Squats (135/95 lb), 50 Pull-Ups, 1 mile Run Tuesday: Hang Squat Clean for Max Wednesday: Jackie Thursday: 1000m...

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