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Big Weekend guys! Way to be!

Lots of PR's on the 5k Row, and much fun was had walking in the winter wonderland of Snoqualmie! Very cool stuff team. Proud of us! The ROW WAS FREAKING COLD YOU GUYS! A little happy medium would be nice, maybe 50 degress sometime? I'll work on that 🙂 Workouts:...

Snowshoe Update!

We've found the place! It has an easier loop for beginners and those who aren't excited about the way DOWN, and it has a harder section for those more excited by the UPS 🙂 A: Gold Creek Pond Loop 1: Upper Gold Creek Valley Both use the same parking, Google Maps to...

Here we go Week 2! And more to come!

Looking ahead guys, we've got four cool things coming up! 1) Martin Luther King Day! Monday the 16th. We'll do a reduced schedule, 6am and 4:00pm. Power to the People! 2) 5K Row Event! Remember last year about this time, we took the rowers over to that little park in...

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