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The 12 Days Of Christmas!

12 Days! OMG. Days 1-4 are this week, you'll get a sticker if you complete all 12, Friday is Make-Up day, and Saturday is still a team workout, be excited 🙂 This week is a little crazy, Lynnwood is hosting a certification course for CrossFit, so the coaches will be...

Another week closer to the end. OF THE YEAR! How’d we get here?

At the risk of sounding sappy, it's been an honor to spend this, our second, year with you guys. Lots of ups and downs as always, loads of records, thousands of reps. 2 Years without any signage!! I can't believe it's still working 🙂 I'm glad that it is, and it's...

Super Week! And then it’s Thanksgiving.

Big Week! ***NOTICE: The Gym will be closed after the Cornucopia is over around 10:00am, then also closed Friday and Saturday. Reopening Monday as per usual*** CORNUCOPIA: At Lynnwood Guys!!! Please sign up on the board, talk to Eileen and Kayla and get it sorted out!...

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