It’s so on!!!

Thanks for last week you guys! I hope you went somewhere sunny and awesome on Spring Break with your families, and that you’re tan and ready to come have fun in the gym! It’s clean(er), and a few things have been updated: whiteboards tightened up, straightened up, and painted, all C2 gear cleaned and updated, one row of lights have been changed out for LEDs, equipment has been reorganized a little bit (quite nice), the appendix has been completely redone, fixed the dip station holder, hung two new rower holders, you’ll notice the stones out front, camera on the door added, new glass front door on order, whew! It might not seem like I get enough done in a week, or that I should be able to do it throughout the year on weekends, but this method really helps to get it all done quickly and with minimal disruptions to the gym. Imagine if Tom and I were putting in new lights and didn’t quite get done before Monday, what a nightmare. If Easter is the Liturgical New Year, then this week kicks off the gyms new year πŸ™‚ Here’s to another 50 weeks of smashing πŸ™‚

Big thanks.


Monday: Every 4 Minutes for 28 Minutes: 5 Back Squats 315/225, 10 Box Jumps 24/20, 15 Push-Ups
Tuesday: 5 Rounds for Time: 400 meter Run, 15 Hang Clean and Jerk 95/65, 12 Knees to Elbows, 9 Burpees
Wednesday: 10/20/30/40/50 for Time of: Cross Over Singles/ V-Ups / Air Squats
Thursday: Max Rounds and Reps in 14 Minutes of: 200m Run, Bar Muscle-ups
Friday: Bench Press x5
Saturday: Cindy

Closed for the week!

Thanks for being awesome πŸ™‚ With any luck it’ll be super nice all week, and you guys can get out and enjoy the great outdoors a little bit. Have fun if you’re traveling for Spring Break!

Last week of March already? How’d that happen?

Hey guys! Please remember to add into your calendars that next week April 1-6th we’re closed for renovations. I know it seems excessive, but it’s really the best way to keep the gym in good repair, clean, and set-up for the smashing we put it through. AND like I said last week, a rest week isn’t the worst thing ever for us. We train really hard. This week is no exception!

Monday: “Diane” 21-15-9 for Time of Deadlifts 225/155, Handstand Push-ups
Tuesday: Snatch 1 Rep Max
Wednesday: Jennifer LCF/TIL as Rx’d: AMRAP in 20 minutes: 10 Pull-Ups, 15 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 Pood), 20 Box Jumps (24/20 in)
Thursday: Military Press Max 3, Bent Over Rows 5×10
Friday: Filthier 25’s: Box Jumps 30/24, 6″ Jumping C2B Pull-ups, KB Swings 53/35, OH Walking Lunges 25/15, K2E, Push Press 75/55, Hip+Back Extensions, MedBall Clean Wall Ball Shots 20-10’/14-9′, Burpee Over KB, Double Unders
Saturday: Teams of 4: 400m Run, XX Turkish Get Ups 53/35, XX Ab Mat Sit-ups, Rest, run causes the rotate, max reps otherwise in 16 Minutes.

Yoooouuu Did it!!

The Open is over!
Well, there might be a few of you doing the workout Monday morning, but by and large we made it! Congrats if it’s your first one, and bravo if it’s your 14th πŸ™‚ Sad things: no more gymnastics days on Thursdays, it’ll be an actual workout (yay!!). Happy things: no more crazy schedule stuff (Friday’s are back on!), and silly rules about where to stand when 3,2,1… GO! happens, and less stress about no-reps and what’s in the workout πŸ™‚ I sincerely hope you enjoyed the last 3 weeks though. It’s a great time to refocus, see where you stack up, take a workout a little bit more seriously, and think about recovery in a way that helps. Personally I’m reaffirmed that my life-long quest to deal with Thrusters is worthy, I hope you have something similar that you feel convicted of, and hopefully there’s some light amidst all this: good example of this is Tim (from Lynnwood) getting his LIFETIME first pull-up, and then getting like 6 more! So cool πŸ™‚

Spring Break!
Remember April 1-6 the gyms will be closed. We’ve been doing this for some years now, and it’s really a wonderful thing: the gym needs to be cleaned (obvs) but more importantly it’s a time to go through things with a fine toothed comb and get them back to where they should be. My punch list is never ending, and you all might not really see the difference, but I do πŸ™‚ Enjoy the week off, hopefully you’ve already got plans and are happily going camping or somewhere more exotic. If you’re worried about getting out of shape in a week, all I can say is DONT. We smash you guys 50 weeks a year, several hundred workouts, give yourself a little credit and more grace, and recognize that a week off here and there is probably a really good thing (Kim, don’t let Synnove read that last sentence) and be ready to get in the 8th of April ready to rock πŸ™‚

Kids CrossFit Stuff!
Summer time is coming! Stef and Eileen are working on this to figure out the dates, times and prices for you guys. Be ready to get those littles involved and having fun with CrossFit!


Monday: “Barraza” AMRAP in 18 minutes, 200 meter Run, 9 Deadlift (275/185 lb), 6 Burpee Bar Muscle-Ups

Tuesday: Hang Squat Clean x5

Wednesday: 5 Rounds of Mary for Time, 5 Handstand Push-ups, 10 Alternating Pistols, 15 Pull-ups

Thursday: 21-15-9 for Time of: Power Snatch 95/65, GHD Sit-ups

Friday: The Chief

Saturday: Teams of 4! Air Bikes, and Plank. Max distance in 28 minutes, each minute is a rotate, 2 minutes rest each β€œround”. SMASH THE BIKE. Seriously smash it, like it stole your water bottle you left on the window sill, again, Steve. Hahahhaha! Hugs πŸ™‚

Final Week!!

Way to crush it last week! I’m sad that I missed it, but Eileen, Kayla and Rachael said you guys rocked [muscles emoji] Here comes week three!

There’s going to be a few of us doing 24.2 Monday morning, so be ready for a little bit (more) chaos than usual, but it’s a good kind of mayhem yeah?

Last week of closed gym on Fridays, BIG THANKS to the crew that comes on Fridays that’s been unable to make it to Lynnwood, it’s a lot of fun, you should try to make it out for this last one if you can!!


Monday: Strict Lynne, 5 rounds for Max reps of Bench Press BW/.7BW and Strict Pull-ups

Tuesday: Front Squat Max 3

Wednesday: Max Rounds in 20 minutes of: 15 Kettlebell Swings (53/36), 20 Box Jumps (24/20 in), 25 Ab Mat Sit-ups

Thursday: Gymnastics: GHD Run Down, Ball-up on Bars and Toes Through Rings, Handstand Walking Practice

Friday: 24.3

Saturday: TBD

Week 2 Fam!

You guys are awesome! Week 1 went off killer! Good times, great oldies, and loads of reps! Wow.

Nothing out of ordinary this week, super straight forward. The schedule below is good to go. Take care of yourselves, and be as ready as you can be for Friday!

Same Game on Friday, no PM classes, meet up at Lynnwood and have a blasty throwing down!

Monday: Elizabeth: 21-15-9 for time of: Power Clean 135/95 and Ring Dips

Tuesday: Snatch Balance Max 1

Wednesday: Max Rounds in 20 Minutes of: 18 Overhead Lunges 45/35, 18 Medball Clean Wall Ball Shots 20-10/14-9, 36 Double Unders

Thursday: Pistol Practice, Ring Muscle-up Progressions, Strict Pull-ups for Weight, or Kipping Progressions, and L-Sit Fun House to finish.

Friday: 24.2

Saturday TDB

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