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Fitness things!! 20 WOD challenge almost done!

Hey guys, couple things: Labor Day Weekend we're gonna take some time, I hope you are too!! Get out of town, go get sunburnt, find that buddy with a boat, do the enchantments through hike. Yes. The gym will be closed, the 2nd and the 4th, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Be...

Yay! Workouts!!

Thanks guys! Rowing on Saturday was awesome! We had two freakshows break the 40 minute mark, super stoked for them, and we had many others come and get sweaty as all get out! Big thanks to CC for hosting, and for all the delicious food! Rowing on Saturday counts for 2...

Lots Happening!

CrossFit Games! It's this week, I think it starts Tuesday technically, but whatever, I'll be there Sunday getting after it, look for me in the background! I'll be the REALLY tall guy in the beard and sunglasses, looking terribly normal, next to the worlds fittest...

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