Way to crush it last week! I’m sad that I missed it, but Eileen, Kayla and Rachael said you guys rocked [muscles emoji] Here comes week three!

There’s going to be a few of us doing 24.2 Monday morning, so be ready for a little bit (more) chaos than usual, but it’s a good kind of mayhem yeah?

Last week of closed gym on Fridays, BIG THANKS to the crew that comes on Fridays that’s been unable to make it to Lynnwood, it’s a lot of fun, you should try to make it out for this last one if you can!!


Monday: Strict Lynne, 5 rounds for Max reps of Bench Press BW/.7BW and Strict Pull-ups

Tuesday: Front Squat Max 3

Wednesday: Max Rounds in 20 minutes of: 15 Kettlebell Swings (53/36), 20 Box Jumps (24/20 in), 25 Ab Mat Sit-ups

Thursday: Gymnastics: GHD Run Down, Ball-up on Bars and Toes Through Rings, Handstand Walking Practice

Friday: 24.3

Saturday: TBD