And here we are at the gateway to February. Man. Fun time when you’re having flies. Get ready for Lana this week as a guest instructor Monday AM, and Tuesday I think! I’m excited for Saturday, and within due course I’ll be rescheduling and posting about the 5K Row, and the Snowshoeing trip also, thanks for letting me take time to get my schedule in order. You guys rock 🙂 Super sorry for all the major planner types who want to fill it in, and can’t wait! Also, thanks for checking this website Tom 🙂


Monday: Clean and Jerk for Max 5 – basically cardio

Tuesday: Moore AMRAP 20 Minutes, 1 Rope Climb, 400m Run, Max Handstand Push-Ups – ropes again?

Wednesday: 21-15-9 for Time of: Power Snatch 95/65, Burpee

Thursday: Ring Muscle-up Practice Day and Pull-up for Max 5

Friday: Double Jackie – yep, two rounds, for time, two shorter rounds of course is good scaling 🙂

Saturday: Buddy Buddy Deadlifts 3×5 95/65, 135/95, 185/135, 225/155, 275/185, 315/225