Not that serious 🙂

I’m so sorry guys, I got late added to a Level 2 course in Baltimore this coming weekend. I’ve scheduled time off for Feb 23-25 so we can have some events! So THAT IS THE WEEKEND. Apparently that works out well with super bowl and stuff. Taylor will be so happy. OMG! If they lose, she’ll be able to write a song about it! HA 🙂 That would be amazing.

5k Row, Saturday Feb 24th, Snowshoeing Sunday Feb 25th.

The Open: It’s coming! Fridays are the day when we’ll do the workout. It’s a few weeks out still. We’ll be having an event in the evening at Lynnwood to run all the heats needed to get everyone through the workout. Same as we typically do, it works great, so why not?! is where you go to register!


Monday: “Nate” Max Rounds in 20 Minutes of: 2 Muscle-ups, 4 Handstand Push-Ups, 8 KB Swings 70/53

Tuesday: Max Rounds in 10 Minutes of: 200m Run, 3 L-Pull-Ups, 9 Toe to Bars

Wednesday: Good Day for GHD Stuff and Randy For Time: 75 Power Snatches 75/55

Thursday: Handstand Walking Practice, 2k Ski Erg, Turkish Get-up 1 RM, Max Plank Test

Friday: Thruster Max

Saturday: 18.2 For Time 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Reps of: Dumbbell Front Squats (2 x 50/35 lb) Bar-Facing Burpees