Murph Deets!

Scaling 🙂 We do that! Have no fear, less reps may appear! And if the distance seems too far, that’s why you have a car! Ha 🙂 Kidding, just run less far!

8am Class, come join in the workout! We’ll be scaling and taking extra time, plan for a 90 minute class more or less guys, I’m not gonna be there early, so don’t plan that you’re gonna be all stretched out and good to go at 9:00am! Ha 🙂

4:00pm Class at Lynnwood: different kinda deal, I will be there early, if you wanna warm-up and talk scaling before 4pm, SMART, come do so 🙂 We’ll be kicking off about as quickly as makes sense to and then we’ll switch into BBQ mode to be ready to eat tasty yumyums by 4:45-5:00pm or so.

The Gym is closed the rest of the day, no other classes.

Otherwise, normal week, Tue-Sat. Thanks guys! Look forward to helping you smash tomorrow!